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Storgē Water Bottle, 520ml - Sea Adventures

Storgē Water Bottle, 520ml - Sea Adventures

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Introducing the Storgē Water Bottle 520ml - The perfect fusion of style and functionality! This extraordinary water bottle redefines the concept of hydration by combining exceptional design, practicality, and unparalleled quality.

At the heart of this remarkable water bottle is the revolutionary UV printing technology, which ensures vibrant and long-lasting prints that are sure to captivate the eyes of anyone who sees it. With a meticulous attention to detail, our UV printing process creates stunning, eye-catching designs that will make a bold fashion statement wherever you go.

Each bottle comes with:
1 Bottle
1 Spout Lid
1 Straw Lid
1 Suction Nozzle
1 Strap
2 Inner straws

***Please do not use STEAM or UV sterilisers, or add boiling water into your bottles.

Note: The strap color is more bluish rather than greenish as shown in the picture